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Eichenluft Working German Shepherd Reunion

Annual E-Pups Reunion: 2015

Remi (Bandit x Xanthi), Phanta (Zambo x Ulka), and Diego

Annual E-Pups Reunion: 2014

Ulka and her off-spring at Wildwood Farm

We like to keep in touch with our puppy owners, at Eichenluft Working German Shepherds!

We are always accessible by email! We also run a chat list on Facebook, "Eichenluft Working German Shepherds". Our puppy owners, or anyone who is interested, can correspond with their breeder! Puppy owners can also chat with the owners of puppy siblings, and other owners of dogs bred by Eichenluft!

We are the only breeder in the US (and maybe the world!) who has an annual "E-pup reunion" at this magnitude. The reunion spans 3 days over a long weekend. included is herding instinct testing (using our own flock of "e-sheep"), agility run-through's and fun practice; rally races, rocket recalls and other fun games with prizes. We also have swimming in our small lake for the dogs, not to mention relaxing in the shade with great people and great FOOD and Drink.

In addition, we have TDI, Delta and CGC testing and certifications, SAR and detection demonstrations, Schutzhund protection training/drive work, photography; and lots of other fun things to do with our dogs and friends.

People come from as far away as Canada, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, TN, KY, FL, CT, New England, NY, and GA! as well as many from "close by" PA, VA, MD, NC.

Here are picture albums from the e-pup party held on July 17-19 2009.