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Puppies We Have Bred

Eichenluft German SHEPHERD Show Line x Working Line Shepherds

German Show Line x German Working Line,
6 week old, sable puppy

Pair of chubby 5 week old pups, (Bandit x Inka)

German Show Line x German Working Line
7 weeks Black and Red Puppy
2 1/2 month old "Dodger" (Bandit x Ulka)
meeting her boy Will for the first time!

German Show Line x Working Line Pup
4 month old dark sable
Watching over the sleeping babe

German Show Line x Working Line Pup
7 month old Black/red
Splashin in the water!

German Show Line x Working Line Pup
19 months, Black/Red
Baron of the Boat!

German Show Line x Working Line
2 years, Black/Red
Hanging out with my favorite buddy!

Eichenluft German SHEPHERD Show Line Puppies

German Show Line Puppy
7 weeks Black and Red

German Show Line Puppy
4 weeks Black and Red, with Mother, Ulka

German Show Line Puppies
10 weeks Old, Playing in the Field!

7 months old "Phanta", (Zambo x Ulka) loves the snow!

German Show Line Puppy
2 years, Black and Red

German Show Line, 10 months
Police Girl and her Police Dog

Eichenluft German Shepherd Working Line Puppies

Pair of adorable 4 week old pups, (Bandit x Gitti), Bi-color and Sable

German Working Line Puppy, 7 weeks, Black

Batman (Arko x Gitti), 4 months, Making friends at the soft ball game

Isha (Bandit x Nova), 4 months, "Learning to heel"

German Working Line Puppy, 5 months old, dark sable

German Working Line Puppy, 6 months old, Bi-Color

Our German Shepherds are:
  • Top Working and Show bloodlines of Europe
  • Temperament tested
  • Hips, elbows tested and DM tested
  • Schutzhund Titled
  • V-rated Conformation
  • KKl Breed Survey

Puppies are AKC registered with hip and elbow guarantee! We are located on a farm in central Pennsylvania. Shipping is available. 

We have followed the German SV rules and guidelines for responsible breeding since 1994. Our German Shepherd parents are 100% import bloodlines, Schutzhund Titled, Conformation rated, Breed Surveyed, Hip/elbow rated with a-stamp or OFA, health and temperament tested, before they are bred.

Puppies are highly intelligent, trainable, healthy, with correct structure, pigment and temperament. Puppies are suitable for Schutzhund Sport, Competitive Obedience, Agility, Search & Rescue, Service K9, Detection, Police, Protection, and active family companions.

We are one of the few German Shepherd Breeders in America who continue to train our own German Shepherds in Schutzhund sport! We have bred, raised, trained, and titled many German Shepherds to National Championship level, as well as to World Championship Team membership!

We strive to breed the very best quality German Shepherd puppies for working, as well as for active family companions! We love the German Shepherd dog, and are dedicated to producing outstanding puppies!

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